Saturday, November 16, 2013

. . . if he does not shine, he is darkness.

We hate our kitchen lights.

We've been planning on replacing them 'someday' pretty much since we got here.

Been shopping for various pendant lights with pretty limited success since we both like more or less opposite things.

There had been talk of mason jars a while back. And colanders, after an inspirational visit to  Local Myth, about 6 years ago.

Then the idea of whiskey bottles occurred to us.

A few nights ago we went through all the internet's suggestions of cutting glass- glass scorer, string and acetone, hot water stress fractures. None of them had very good results.  A diamond coated dremel wheel has gotten me close enough to finally have a reasonable proof of concept. Frosted with Krylon.

I think if the fixture inside the glass weren't black it would look better. I'm also not sure we can get bright enough bulbs in such a small area.

I think its a nice look, and I really like the repurposing/recycling aspect. I'm still not sold on the whole thing yet though. We might try another one with a single clear band masked in the frosting or something to give it a little accent.  Also, I'm not sure how much smoother I can sand the edges to get a more finished look. That would help it from looking a bit too DIY.   Adding the cork helped a lot. :)

Also while I was at it, and since we plan to have a single fixture over our prep table too, I dug out the old colander I picked up years ago when we first started talking about this, and give it a whirl too, just for kicks.

I'm not sold on the whole thing yet,  but I'm not giving up either... we'll see.  Definitely open to opinions and suggestions.