Thursday, February 2, 2012

rabbit proof

Though I couldn't find the pictures to include in this original post, I did finally track down evidence of white pickettness we enacted this summer. So no here for enjoyment is the long awaited second installment of "We painted our fence". Riveting stuff, I assure you.

The final look:

The south gate is adorned with a plough blade that Juno brought back from some trip out to Carnation or Duvall a few years ago:

While the north one has the remains of a hay-fork, the first yard implement we managed to destroy in the forging of our garden:

All this quaint accessorizing for our house was relatively painless, aside from the several days it took to sand and scrape the fence. Aside from that the only cost of note was one pair of worn out tank boots upon which the paint sprayer took a heavy toll and will probably never shine again:

Now all we need is a neighbor to share coffee and gossip with over its pearlescent structure.