Saturday, April 18, 2009


La Maison en Printemps

The flowers on the left are from our neighbor's flowering tree.... but don't they frame our house nicely? We considered sneaking out in the night and transplanting her tree in front of our house, but we figured she'd miss it.

Look, we have daffodils!

Our neighborhood is prettier in the spring.

This is our neighbor's wild forsythia.

It likes to encroach on our yard.

Here is that blue room I talked about in my last post. It is very, very pretty and girly. I like it! I got a tiny chest of drawers on Freecycle to go in here. I just need to strip its old paint off and re-paint or stain it.

Here is the great big hole in the ground, soon to be the vegetable garden. I am in the process of sifting all the (many, many) rocks and grass roots out of the soil. All that garbage in the right corner of the frame came with the house. We will be hauling it away to the dump soon. Behind the garden is the Great Wall of Stupid. I want to talk to our neighbors and see if it's OK for us to put a mural on our side of the wall. How cool would it be to have some wonderful trompe l'oeil Italian landscape, or a big meadow painted on that wall? Very cool. Anything would be an improvement over the prison-like gray concrete.

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