Friday, February 6, 2009

All's quiet for now

It has been a few weeks since we've updated, but that does not mean nothing is going on at Chez' Halberd. We've actually been living our lives, which is a plesant change.

We have about 1/2 of the yard cleaned up from its 18months of abandonment, which is satisfying. We have yet to tackle the sides and back, but they shouldn't be quite as leaf-ridden as the front and front-sides. We have made some tentative forays into the junk and trash pile that the previous owners left in the back yard. I thnk most of it we'll be able to send out with our trash pick up, with a little sorting of the barrel contents. The only thing that may present a problem in that regard is this gem which I hauled out of the weeds the other day:

I have fantasies of cleaning this up and putting the collective brain power of TeamZK toward using it as a base for a pedal powered something, but I'm not sure what yet. If it doesn't come to me soon, its going to the dump.

Inside, we finally have the DJ gear unpacked and installed, and are slowly appointing the living room with things around the stereo and couch.

Our biggest project of late has been hanging art. We have quite a bit, and quite a bit of space on which to place it. The main reason we haven't rushed into it is that Juno and I both have a fair number of pieces that we are quite fond of and have decided to frame a good deal of our pieces that we previously would have just put up with pins and nails. Aimee finally found a good frame for her mermaid I gave her for our anniversary and has it up in the art room along with some other ladies- all watching happily over her desk. I have a few pieces near my art desk, but still have quite a bit of open space. The rabbittat has recieved some good window dressing, and one of the latest pieces that I built a housing for at U-Frame-It last night.

I have been taking little chunks out of the sure-to-be-lengthy process of getting the gaming room up and fully outfitted. A glass cabinet has appeared there, and most recently I've installed some clustered LED lighting inside the cabinet.

The big news for this week though is that our nome de plume is finally justified, as we have finally hung the halberd. . . and thus our home is official. To celebrate, we're having a party next weekend.

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