Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little bit of sawdust.

I made another cd shelf last night so we can expand our wall of media. Moved CDs out of the one shelf from Ikea into the new stand, then re-adjusted the Ikea one for dvds.

Today I got it into place and screwed all 7 of the racks together with metal stripping at the top. I may still anchor them to the wall, but now that they go around a corner, its pretty impossible for them to fall over.

I also just finished repairing the cedar shingles that were missing from the side of the house near our door. I'm not sure if they were ever correctly installed, or what, but the missing pieces could not fit together as they were. I trimmed one down by about an 1/8 inch, then cut a 3/16th channel into the edge so that it meshed with the existing tongue and groove method by which they interlock. A quick pound with the heel of my hand and they popped into place. Success!

I might even get new numbers for the house, but Aimee's not home, so maybe I'll wait. That seems like more of a team choice.

--edit: I went ahead and got some simple brushed aluminum house numbers and installed them today. It's nice to actually be able to see our house number now. Not that I forget where I live or anything.

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