Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nueva Lox

M & P Bultman came to down last weekend, and it was project time!

MommaJo and Juno spent time planning and scheming on garden ideas, and trimming back our wild winter foliage. It will be interesting to see how things sprout and spring forth as they are showing signs of getting ready to do. Soon now. . . a few weeks even, and that beautiful explody spring feeling will be everywhere even if its still grey and rainy and a trifle dismal for us humans. The leaves love the lushness.

Doc BeBop dusted off the pencil and the chisel and went to town helping me with doors and locks. We cut out an old door frame and came up lucky with a pre-hung steel door just barely fitting in our cinderblock basement opening. The old basement door got repurposed as an insulating block twixt kitchen and mudroom, and the external side door got a matching lock from the set as well.

After a few more trips to the hardware store than initially intended we wrapped things up with successes on all fronts. I have a few i's to dot and t's to cross to finish up
but all in all the project went well. A few more masonry bits were melted to slag than probably needed to be, but it was a learning process.

I got a sawzall and a sweet set of spade bits in the process so the arsenal grows as a result.

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