Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, at least it's trying to spring. Today was sunny and warm-ish so I began to attack the (soon to be) garden plot in earnest. I was advised to use a pitchfork to uproot all the grass and weeds and to turn over all the soil in the garden space. Rototiller will simply cut all the grass and weed roots into tiny pieces so they can make many many more plants. So today I bought a pitchfork and did it American Gothic style. This worked much better than the shovel - hard work but not insurmountable. I have dug up about 1' perimeter around the whole garden. My neighbor will be coming over to work on it with me tomorrow, weather permitting. I will go and get some kind of plastic or wood, a good 8" tall, to edge the garden and thereby prevent grass from encroaching.

All this time, my downstairs room has been mostly unused. This weekend I decided to actually do something with it. I cleared out all the stuff I had been storing in there, cleaned the baseboards, windowsills, and ceiling (yuck), and patched all the little holes in the wall. The "contractor beige" had to go as well. It doesn't bother me as much in the larger rooms but in the small rooms that color is pretty icky and oppressive. So, today I primed the room. Tomorrow I will go and pick out paint - some shade of light blue. The top six choices (all Sherwin Williams): Blissful Blue, Raindrop, Meander Blue, Respite, Cay, and Stream. Other than a lamp, a small table, and some large pillows to sit on, I do not want any permanent furniture in there. I will probably use it as some kind of multi purpose room: for dancing, yoga, meditation, studio photo work, etc. so it does not make sense to have a ton of stuff in there. When we have guests it will be our guest room, but since we hardly ever have guests it seems silly to have a bed in there all the time.

I am excited to have a pretty blue room! I am looking forward to decorating it with the remainder of my glass dangly balls, some big blue pillows, and cool art. I have this really old window that I got as salvage from an old barn. It's been sitting, unused, for almost 2 years. I want to clean it up a bit and maybe print some photos onto acetate and lay them over the glass. I am reluctant to do much to change the appearance of the windowframe - it is pretty cool as it is - but I like the idea of creating little scenes through the actual windows.

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