Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spin Cycle

The laundry room does not need to be painted.

Its not about need though. Its just a little thing. As we try to recover from the holidays, or was it thanksgiving, or was it HausFrau's family visiting, or was it the truck load of stuff my parents sent to me? Yeah. It just keeps going. Anyway, we're trying to police up the messes and piles and get back to the getting on top of it we were doing a great job of before summer ended. We got shelves up... we just never got everything on the shelves. Piece by piece though, we're at least making better use of our space, and being as judicious as we can at any given time about what stuff to keep and actually find a place in the space for. We reminded ourselves last weekend that our laundry room is a joke. We threw around some ideas on how to better use the space, and set to cleaning that room out- which it sorely needed. We never cleaned it when we moved in, and we'd never cleaned it since.

As we started to visualize a few simple things we could do down there, it occurred to us that half of why that room is so dreary, is that its ugly. The former owners never finished it beyond their typical cack-handed drywall and joint compound job that is not unlike a frosted cake. Here, even worse than in the rest of the house. So, we covered up the machines, and I sanded the place down as much as was reasonable considering we're not actually finishing the room at this time. Aimee got most of it primed Sunday and I finished it today. We're going to use up a 1/2 can of a color we originally painted the rabbit room, and then painted over. Hopefully it'll be bright green by tomorrow night.

We're only painting the drywall, so about 1/2 the room will still be cinder blocks, but just having it be somewhat more together will be nice. Then its time to find or build a folding table, some shelves, and a drying rack, and it'll feel a little more like a room... rather than just a corner of the basement.

I actually wouldn't mind putting a carpet remnant in too, but I'm not sure if we care that much just yet. Maybe if craigslist has something decent to offer.

Anyway.. sometimes its the little things, and this will be a little thing in the grand scheme, but I bet it will make us happy.

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