Monday, December 22, 2008

There was over a 1' of snow blown into the back yard against the porch. You can't even see the terraced shape of steps at all, just a slope of crusty creme' brule snow. Since my flight was cancelled I spent today scraping the ice of our window sashes, shovelling, and knocking what ice I could out of the downspouts and gutters. The latter is nearly impossible due to our roof height. Hopefully they melt before they break off under the weight of all the ice and snow. Sunshine today bodes well for that.

We needed to paint before, but after a week of pounding wind and snow getting blown into all the little cracks and chips in the paint, and the forthcoming big melt, I think we're definately going to be up for a scraping, drying in the sun, and painting sometime this summer.

Hopefully my second flight out tomorrow morning will be ok, and soon I'll be somewhere where the weather is even worse, yay!

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