Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter wonder ness

Several days of snow have made for the most severe winter I've seen since I've lived in Seattle. The winds have made it clear which bushes need pruning ASAP so they don't continue to scrape against the house. A project for after the snow melts, for sure.

A spade and an entrenching tool are not adequate snow shoveling tools. I suppose I could have been stuck with only a trowel and a backscratcher, so I should count myself lucky, right?

The weekend I meant to either get a ladder tall enough to reach the gutters, or hire it out for now, was when all the snow first fell so that hasn't gotten done, but at least it isn't raining into them right now. Yet.

I've started to move things around in the living room, just the teeniest bit- its' largely still a storage area at this point; but even getting our crappy couch set up feels very nice. I sat in there and talked to Aimee on the phone last night and was very happy to sit in the living room for the first time.

The new Lexan windows in the basement seem to be doing fine in the temperature changes. I'd read they were more susceptible to expansion and contraction, but the silicon I used seems to allow adequate fluctuation. Benjamin and I set up the game table in the north basement room and geeked out a little today, which was wonderful. It'll need some more careful planning, maybe some different lighting would be nice, and the obligitory weapons and flags decor. I'm quite excited to expand the table by 2', and perhaps come up with some better storage/display structures more suited to the particular needs of gaming ephemera.

Now lets just hope we don't lose electrical service in the great ongoing bluster of Snowpacalypse '08.

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