Tuesday, December 2, 2008

not much to report

I went for a run through our neighborhood this morning, and I didn't even get jumped. HA! no really, it was completely uneventful. Our neighbor two doors down has pretty Christmas lights up all over her rhododendrons. We have seen our next door neighbor in the McMansion a couple of times. He is a young-ish stocky bald white man who drives a VW Beetle and has a bulldog. He has a silver fake Christmas tree right next to the piano and the weird ugly horse head statue. He also has man friends who came over bearing pizza and beer this weekend. No, we are not *spying* so much as we are keeping an eye out on the neighborhood. It's called a "neighborhood watch" and all the cool suburbanites do it. We need to know what is going on with the Joneses in order to keep up with them!! I think we might build our own concrete wall, taller and more awesome than Bald McMansion Man's wall, so he knows who the alpha neighbors are.

Today we got nice wooden blinds for the art room - Ikea was all out of the neat aluminum ones but we really just wanted to get it DONE. Also got Nathan a cool cube storage thing for his clothes. It's meant to be a bookshelf/TV shelf but it will work great for clothes.


  1. I totally want to out-build bald man in a battle of escalating walls! :)

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