Saturday, November 29, 2008

Center Square for the Win


We are out of 1004 E. Republican. It is clean, and empty, and the keys will be in the mail to the landlord tomorrow.

I am so tired of moving things, the relief at having it finished is incredible.

Many thanks to all our friends for their help, to JennaXide for her truck mavenry, again tonight, and to everyone for putting up with us being completely off the radar for November. We'll see you soon.

1 comment:

  1. 2 potted geraniums left: which I am going to get tomorrow.
    One pair fingerless rubber cleaning gloves.
    A bunch of new cardboard boxes.
    Several pieces of matteboard.
    One light blue paper lantern thing that went over our bedroom light.
    One Obama poster.
    One jar of toothpicks plus candy - it was there when N moved in and it'll be there for the next people.
    One shower curtain.
    Several flecks of dust.
    One piece of individually sealed, edible cod in the freezer.
    A toilet plunger
    A partial roll of toilet paper
    An ice tray. we were even nice enough to leave them ice cubes!

    what a freaking day. so glad we are done.