Friday, November 21, 2008

Please can we be done soon? thx.

T minus one day to liftoff. Thank goodness I've got only one shoot today and have time to pack a ton of stuff. As we assess the number of things to be assembled, disassembled, sorted, packed and prepared we think, um, It's A Lot! so we are pushing Official Move Time forward to 2PM tomorrow instead of 11AM.

I am still excited, but kind of worn as well. my eating and exercise habits have been really thrown off by all our work. I've had lots of takeout and fast food and not enough vegetables or fruit. Who wants to shop or cook amidst all this?? We did get the bunnies more lettuce yesterday and so I will have a salad and Thai leftovers for lunch today. The majority of my exercise has consisted of cleaning, painting, and lifting boxes. Hey, it's better than nothing.

The bunnies have done so well with their confinement. We've been keeping them in their cage whenever we are not home now. Yesterday we did not let them out until 9:30. Poor buns! They were understandably pretty hyper. We are planning to move them and their cage to the new house tonight. We do not want them upset by all the crash bang boom that will be going on here tomorrow. Also, there is no way we can make people lift furniture over our bunny gates in the doorways.

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  1. It _will_ come to an end, I promise! Sunday night when you collapse, you'll be in your OWN home :)