Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Tour.

Here is the house you have heard us chattering on about endlessly this month:

If you just got out of the shower, and didn't shut the bathroom door, this is where you'd see your friends arriving to your party:

You might want to wash your hands before going to greet them. Turn left out of the bathroom and you'd be in our bedroom. Or to the right you'd be in the rabbit's room. What else will be in there beyond rabbits? We're not sure. Perhaps a vanity or bureau? A desk? Maybe a comfy chair for reading with the bunnies.

We think our first project before moving in will be to repaint the office / art room. We're thinking something in the red family. The ugly hotel light fixture on the wall will go, and it provides a convenient drop to put an additional outlet down below it, and the other outlet needs to be moved down too. Whoever put all the outlets in the bedrooms at 4'-5' high on the walls was a nincompoop. Computers etc will neccessitate more outlets, so we might as well bash the walls in, get it wired, and get it painted before moving into that room- definitely easier than moving it all once we're situated.

We are super excited to have a mudroom for storage of skis and snowboard stuff, motorcycle helmets, and coats and things.

Sage is the color of the kitchen. Not sure what to make of that opening into the basement stairway. Mudroom off to the left, and side entrance visible through the window over the sink. Nice butcherblocks on either side of the stove and sink, and plenty of storage over the range and fridge. That's where I'll put Juno's christmas presents, since she can't reach them. :)

Through that door where the wood starts is the dining room, with nice big windows (North and West sides).Our table is tiny so I think we'll have plenty of room to build a bar or hutch or something in there. The dining room opens to the front door, the hallway, and the living room, which is huge.

I spent today scraping up those lines visible infront of the door where there had been adhesive strips to hold a rug in place. Juno cleaned off the dining room fixtures, the windows, and most every countertop and window sill in the house.

We also raked a few leaves.

So there you have it. We have lots of things to do, and lots of decisions to make, but we're super excited to have a place to do it, and we're fully ready to bring a little freak action to this sleepy neighborhood.

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