Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weird stuff we have found in the house

So the previous residents left behind some artifacts for us.

- Several small bottles of perfume - nothing fancy
- Three black jackets, presumably from a place of employment? (we have not looked too closely yet.)
- One red bathrobe tie
- One small pen scribble on a wall: "I just want my freedom."
- One ginormous spider carcass
- Various other bug carcasses
- Various cleaning products
- Leaf blower, lawn mower (hopefully working!)
- Bread machine, carpet steamer thingy to remove spots
- One vase and one glass hors d'ouevres dish
- One energy drink
- A nasty, dust encrusted oil lamp and accompanying candle holder
- One large bag of rosemary and one small bag of, um, chamomile?
- Several buckets
- Nasty old half decayed clothing sitting under trash can
- An empty liquor bottle in the yard
- one plug in scented thing

So nice of them to leave us these little presents!!!

1 1/2 weeks until we move. ohmygod! I can't believe it is coming up so fast. Already, the majority of my clothes and almost all of my books have been boxed up. I am so not looking forward to the organizational part of this move... as in, the part where I go through all my keepsakes and "keepsakes" from under the bureau. I mean, we already had this huge yard sale but still, there are random little things remaining. The question is: how many boxes of keepsakes should I have?? Do I really need every note my Grandma has written to me since 1999? no, don't answer. that was a rhetorical question. ;)

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