Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Weirdos Have Landed

We're in!

Thanks to our aweomse friends, the move was about as painless as such a thing can be (still a huge hassle and alal that). But we loaded, unloaded, and were at the Georgetown Liqour Company for food and beers in about 4 hours. Outstanding.

There are still piles of things at the apartment- This computer and the DSL being one of them. We're back over here since Aimee needs to get her data for work digitally everynight, and to empty the fridge while we're here. Should have broadband installed Tuesday at the new place.

We relaxed with the rabbits and watched a dvd while sitting in our new bedroom, then passed out. Today we unpacked most of the kitchen and assembled some shelving to make a larder on the stairway landing. No pictures yet as the memory card didn't make the trip over here. Oops.

More to come!

1 comment:

  1. There are many ways in which to engage your new neighbors, and make a positive impression at the same time!

    1) invite them to a seance (provide cowls for those without)
    2) enlist their services in your newly formed litter jihad
    3) enquire about their level of interest in a neighborhood bomb shelter
    4) reassure them that live music will be restricted to 9pm to 12 am on weekdays
    5) propose a weekly discussion group regarding the Mayan calendar and the end-date of 12-21-2012 (serve Kool-Aid: OH YEAH!!)
    6) suggest an armed, block-wide series of sessions on guerilla and urban warfare
    7) hoist a Jolly Roger flag in solidarity for the Somalian pirate trade
    8) take them into your confidence with regard to the failure of Area 51/Groom Lake, and the new bases of operation: the Monsanto Research Complex and Coyote Canyon
    9) reassure them that the howls of anguish and misery are simply spirits being banished, not raised
    10) share your thoughts on racial purity