Monday, November 3, 2008

Farewell to the apt. at Republican St.

Last night we started packing in earnest. It made me feel kind of wistful, and I decided to take some pics of our current place. The living room is probably the prettiest room in our place.
I will especially miss the trees across the street. See the saffron orange of the wall facing the camera? I want at least one accent wall in our new place to be that color. It is just gorgeous! I will spare you the pictures of the other rooms.... they are, shall we say, "in a state". 'cause you all know N and I are so tidy! *ahem* I will also spare you a pic of the front of the house... baby poop brown, ugh. I am so happy to no longer be at the mercy of our landlord's whims.

Nathan moved into this place right about the time that we started dating. I moved in about 4 years ago now. That is longer than I've lived in any one place since I was a kid. This place is chock full of great memories and great energy, lots of charm and lots of "charm" - falling apart windows, squirrels running marathons in the roof above our bed, paint falling off the walls in chunks, and very cold winters. So, we will remember the good things about this place and laugh about the bad as we move on.

I am really going to miss Capitol Hill. I will miss the wonderful restaurants all within spitting distance, the bustle and (mostly) benign chaos of Broadway, our movie store, knowing all the clerks at QFC, being able to walk 2 blocks to QFC, the beautiful houses to the east of us, all the big awesome trees. I will miss my Capital Hill friends - not that I can't see them ever again or anything, but I will miss spontaneous meetings, walking to the clubs, etc. I will *not* miss the crash bang boom of the recycling being taken out at Starbucks at one in the freakin' morning! I will not miss the construction, and the crazy pedestrians walking right in front of moving cars. I will not miss drunk people wandering home at 2AM leaving 40 oz. beer bottles in our lawn.

Memories.... ya da da..... ya da da.......

edit: Blogger does not want to upload my pics right now. I am doing other stuff on my computer and it's slowing the connection down. Will upload them later.

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