Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun Minutiae

Well, fun for a Haus Frau and her man, anyway!

Our first act in our new house was to put the kitchen together.  It is so nice to have so much room! We put our pretty ceramic bowls, cups, and milk-pouring cow into the glass cabinet. We got two tall, kind of narrow Billy bookshelves to use at the top of our stairs as the "larder". Then, we had fun larding - I mean, putting food away.  We also got a storage cabinet at Ikea but haven't put that together yet. Right now we're still living out of my travel cosmetic bag - but at least we know where all the other bathroom stuff is!  I've put away most of my clothes - all that I could find in any case. All the clothes I wear on a fairly regular basis are in the closet and bureau upstairs.  All the dressy clothes, goth-tastic outfits from days of yore, and (right now) summer clothes are in my second closet downstairs. Two closets! I am such a princess. Poor Nathan's been keeping his clothes in the linen closet in the hall until he gets some bedroom clothing storage. He will be using the art room closet. This may sound unfair but bear in mind that *I* used the art room closet at the last place for my clothes! 

Washer and dryer work well - though the dryer tends to run pretty hot. I will not leave it running when I'm not home. It does shut off, at least on the timed dry setting, but it is so hot that I don't trust it alone.  Water pressure is acceptable - not as good as the last house. good thing I only wash my hair once every other day. I still haven't tried the dishwasher yet, but we have a bunch of dishes in there ready to go! I was waiting until we used enough dishes to fill it. Cable is up and running as of yesterday - as evidenced by my typing here! - and it is super fast. yea!  Living room is still full of boxes though there is a path through the boxes. art room also has a path and a "desk" - that being two plastic bins where my computer is currently sitting. 

*Finally* made it to the gym the other day. Good gym, not too busy at 8:15AM on a Monday. People seem pretty friendly.  The QFC (supermarket) is in the same plaza. Good store, produce seems fresh and good, not as big as the QFC up on Broadway. There is no bulk foods aisle and they do not carry Nathan's favorite bowls of noodles.  It is less busy than Broadway, and is frequented by more little kids and older people and fewer super flamey gay men, punks, goths, and weird little old ladies in rainbow clown outfits. *le sigh* 

We've been clearing out the old place this week. hoo boy. It's one big allergy attack in there right now since we stirred up all the dust and opened up that dusty old attic space that we stored things in. We only have one or two more carloads of stuff to bring back and we're outta there! also, we have plenty of cleaning to do.  It feels so weird to be over there. It feels empty and sad.  Landlord has already rented it. He will be going over there today to measure it - presumably for new carpets?? For the next tenants' sake I really hope he replaces carpet and paint.

Upcoming priorities: * leaf raking
* getting Nathan some clothing storage!
* putting together the bathroom cabinet
* putting the art room together
* continuing to unpack boxes, sort, get rid of more stuff. 

I look forward to the day when we are able to sit in our living room!


  1. May I suggest a monkey butler? I mean besides Nate LAWL!

  2. we are hoping to cross breed Roombas with GPS systems and Apple computers to create semi-sentient butler robots. will let you know how it works out. Monkeys give me the creeps.