Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bound by chains and wires

Thanks to my duty as the used-computer-monger in our family, my sister sent me her old laptop and WAP to send off to ebay and it happened to arrive today. As my computer is still sitting in the old apartment, and the room where our cable is hooked up is a pile of book shelves and boxes, this is most fortuitous. I write to you tonight from the comfort and peaceful environs of our rabbit room, via the height of internet technology, the 'wireless signal'. I was actually surprised to find a number of other wireless networks in the area. I was unsurprised to find them completely unsecured. I guess I know how I'll launch my Empire of Spam now.

I'm sitting in this chair, but it is darker now. Jasper is munching on seeds, methodically, and stretching out on his porch. Tomoe is curled up behind me in the nook between the chair and the wall. I have a beer at hand. I am very happy to just sit here for a bit.

At some point, hopefully before too long, we will get the art room into order, and we'll be able to start computing, and painting, and sculpting, and whatnot in earnest. Or, at least as the mood strikes. I still need to go up into the attic and connect the last new outlet into the existing circuits.

Now that you can see our bright cheery colors, I'm sure you agree they are improvement over the booooring bland beige the walls were covered with when we arrived. Right? You do agree, don't you?

It's okay if you don't. . . I happen to love it. :)


  1. What better way to get to know our neighbors than by spamming them? It would be awesome if you could make an invite for a housewarming party appear as a pop-up ad on all of their screens.

  2. one of the unsecured networks in my building is named captaingoodtimeslovetunnel.


    i haven't used it.