Thursday, November 20, 2008

color me goodd.

The rabbit room is done, the trim is touched up and only the smallest or details need to be attended to paint-wise. We have plans to lay a second layer of carpet in tomorrow, and a tack down 1/4" round moulding to keep it in place and keep the edges from tempting industrious lagomorphs. Win.

The art studio has been given a second coat and the streakees covered up. The harvesty orange is still quite vivid, but after a few days of drying, did settle in to a color more closely alligned with what we wanted. We're keeping it. Its jolly and warm, and once it has some art on the walls to break it up I think we'll be very glad we did. Thanks to Mr. Diedrich for the help in whipping it into shape this evening.

Brushed aluminum blinds look pretty slick in the dining room and bedroom. Fabric cell-shades are on order for the living room. Juno has the floors clean and has oiled the butcherblocks twice now. . . they are nice and golden.

Lets move in!

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