Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lime Rickey

is the new color of our bunny room. Nathan, bless his pointy little boots, primed and re-painted the room. I haven't seen it yet but I hear it's great. ;) It is still in the spring green family but is a softer shade than the previous, Tequila Lime. also, we did without the purple this time around. It is sooo hard to tell what a room will look like based on the paint chips.... those Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore digital room coloring things aren't especially accurate either. We are not sure yet what we are doing with the art room. We may keep one or two walls Hearty Orange, or start from scratch. I suspect we may have accidentally been sold the glossy version of that paint instead of the eggshell. no way of knowing that until it had dried!! bah.

I went to Ikea yesterday and got simple aluminum Venetian blinds for dining room and bedroom. Ikea is even more fascinating and wonderful now that we have a house. I restrained myself from going on a shopping spree..... good thing there's almost always a traffic jam between me and Ikea otherwise I'd be there far too often for my own good. While N has been working on the paint, I've been packing, sorting, etc. I discovered that most of our tupperware pieces have matching lids! lo and behold, they were hiding underneath other things all that time. Also, most of our pots and pans have lids too. who knew??? maybe next I will find the mates to all the solo socks.

I got a couple of congratulatory checks last week, with which I bought a beautiful egg tempera painting by an acquaintance named Lis Ivec Wright. She does these beautiful, stylized version of saints. I got Saint Brigit, who is holding a candle and looking mysterious. It's a gift to me but also a gift to our new house.

OK, now I am just procrastinating. will post more later.

we are moving in 3 days!!!!

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  1. Update: Lime Rickey good. Hearty orange good too. both a little bright but will seem more subtle once we've moved our stuff in the rooms.